Brief introduction to Thai Massage


During Thai massage therapist apply pressure with his / her thumbs, palms, hands, elbows, knees and feet to manipulate and stretch your physique. Thai massage focuses on energy lines or “Sen lines” in Thai.

Pressure points and trigger points are applied to release the blocked energy and increase new energy flow

along the lines.

The stretching techniques during Thai massage are similar in benefits to those of doing Yoga. Thai massage doesn’t require any oils, lotions or creams. Client wears relaxed loose fitting clothing (i.e.: sweat or yoga pants and a loose tee shirt).

As tensions are alleviated in your muscles you will reconnect with your body and mind.

Thai massage is purely therapeutic and relaxing. More benefit also helps reduce neck pain and stiffness in shoulder and back area, making it ideal for athletes, hair stylists, yoga practitioners, personal trainers, runners and more